1) I can't do weights
    Just doing cardio makes you a smaller version of your flabbier self. I have seen the light with weight lifting. I do believe there are many different techniques to use at many different stages in your body transformation. I will use many different techniques as my body requires  them in order to continue making progress. Anyone who says they can't lift weights for fear of getting bulky, well, don't ask me how to lose weight then. 

2) I have to lose ___ lbs by this party/event/date.
    I am losing weight in order to be the best me possible. I want to run and be strong and lift and play with my children. If I lose weight in order to look good for an event, what happens when that event is over? My health all of a sudden doesn't matter? 

3) I'll be happy when I am __ weight.

      So I will just be miserable until I reach that weight? And waste all this time until I get to that weight? And what happens when I reach that weight and I am not happy? Or, I am so happy that I eat and celebrate and wake up 2 weeks later heavier again? I have done this, what a waste of time. 

4) No carbs/treats/sugar or _____.

       What fun is that? I do have children. I do like to join them for ice cream. I do not want them to ask why mommy never gets ice cream or always gets sugar free fat free and they don't. What will I say? "Mommy doesn't want to get fat but it's okay for you to?" Instead I will practice moderation. 

5) I've been doing the same thing for 5 weeks, Why can't I lose weight?
     We must constantly challenge our bodies. Once your body adapts, it no longer responds. You must sweat. And if that means increasing the intensity to do so, starting a new workout, upping the weights etc. Then do it. I may have exercise ADD by trying anything and everything but that's okay...AS LONG AS IT'S WORKING. When it doesn't work and I am not consistent, then yell at me. 

6) Why doesn't my body look like that?

       I admit it, I have spent time in the gym envious of others. My gym is filled with beautiful bodies and wonderful women that lift heavy, sweat lots and work hard. A lot of them have multiple children. There was a time when I would look at them and wonder why, no matter how much I worked, I never looked like that. What a waste of time and energy. Then I learned that some of those bodies I envied had some work done. It doesn't take away the fact that they work hard, but no matter what I did in the gym, I would never look like someone who went under the knife to help them out. I learned that envy is a waste of time, appreciate my body for what it can do and it's differences, but most of all...you never know the whole story. 

7) I do everything right, why can't I lose weight?
    Well then you obviously are not doing something right. Try something else. 

8) Starting Monday it's 'ON'.
     Diet "on" Diet "off".  This is not a lifestyle. It is a set up for failure. B/c "on" can only last so long. Something yummy that is not on your "on" day list will end up in front of you and turn that "on" day "off" real quick. And the guilt that follows that is dumb and a waste of energy. 

9) Meal #4: 30 g carbs, 15 g protein, 2 g fat....
     There was a day. I have done this. I will not live like this and model this behavior for my children. What I may do, is weigh and measure my calories someday. But this will be in order to reestablish a baseline for portion sizes and caloric intake. Our eyes deceive us and our stomachs lie. 

10) Oh, that doesn't work for me.
      And this is why I am writing this blog. People are always asking me how I lost the weight and them IMMEDIATELY replying, "oh, that doesn't work for me" or "my body doesn't respond to that". If you don't want to work hard and take a realistic look at your health, then don't ask. And if what you are doing is working for you, why did you ask in the first place?