I am 34 years old and just being introduced to the world of products. I never really had money to bother but  I really never had any care to either. My Oil of Olay and soap was enough for me. Lately, lets face it, I care about wrinkles and skin care now. I hope for this page to be about some new treatments, products or tools I can find. This year I have found some great fun  and will continue to list them as I try new things.

My favorite skin cleanser now is a glycolic wash using the Clarisonic Brush.  This brush has been such a find for me. My skin glows after using it!

Latisse: I started using this 5 weeks ago. They say it takes 8 weeks to notice changes. Can't be sure yet but I think it's starting to work already! 

T3 featherweight blow dryer: Why did no one tell me? All my life I have been using $25 hairdryers b/c let's face it, does it really matter what blows air onto your hair? YES IT DOES! Laugh at me, but this has been life changing. Really. I used to have to use a large curling iron every time I did my hair b/c it would be so frizzy and fluffy after drying. Not an option with a new born. But this dryer, this miracle, takes half the time and my hair lays down straight right away without products or curling. Wow. Who knew??? 

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer: Now that I wear 70 spf everyday, and have lots of brown spots and mommy masks to cover up, my face needs some coverage and color. Even if I just run around in workout clothes all day, a little evening out is required. But I don't have time to put on foundation everyday. This is great! I feel like it gives me a little glow and evens out my skin. Add some bronzer and voila.... I still don't look like I have slept in weeks but come on, it's not a miracle. 

Hydroquinone: I finally found something that is making progress on my melasma. This is a bleaching cream that I use twice/day from my dermatologist (prescription). Maybe it's the OCD I have had with my sunscreen all summer as well, but finally, my skin is lightening and evening out. I will go ahead and get one more glycolic peel because I loved the results, but this is what is actually making a difference. I love love love the difference I see in the rearview mirror (the truth mirror).