Diet is 90% of the weight loss equation. I preach this but I am not a big believer in making drastic changes all at once. My changes will be gradual. I hope to show how a slow, progressive path can lead to a healthy diet and relationship with food. Gone are the days of all or nothing, on or off, "oh, I blew it so I must eat the entire bag of cookies."  I am now setting an example for my children and I believe anyone can follow this path and be successful. 

A sample of my diet during pregnancy was as follows:
Breakfast: Honeycomb, coke, cookies
snack: rolos, coke
Lunch: McDonalds (3 cheeseburgers, no bun, large fries, large coke) or Turkey sandwich, cheese, mayo, chips
Snack: cheese, ice cream
Dinner: Pizza, pasta, cheesecake
Let's face it.  You don't gain 70 lbs eating chicken and veggies. 

After pregnancy, I start out slow slow slow in the diet department. I do not want to deprive myself and fail. 
The progression starts with just cutting down portion sizes of the same foods I was eating during pregnancy. During this process there may be calorie counting for portion control, weaning off of processed foods, a food delivery service, a trip to a spa to jumpstart the clean eating and hopefully all will end up in a balanced, healthy diet. 

STAGE ONE sample diet:
breakfast: zone bar
snack: protein shake with milk
lunch: turkey sandwich, coke, chips
snack: nuts, cheese stick or nothing
dinner: bbq, cheeseburger/fries. Anything in small portions

STAGE TWO sample diet:
zone bar
protein shake with water
turkey sandwich, coke, nuts (or) 1 cheeseburger, small fries, coke  (or) chicken salad w/mayo
zone bar (or) corn tortilla with 1 slice cheese and turkey
grilled chicken salad (with cheese and dressing)

STAGE THREE sample diet:
gluten free pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
lara bar
grilled chicken salad (or) corn tortilla, 1 slice real cheese, turkey, nuts, coke
protein shake with water
grilled chicken or filet, small amount of potato or fries, broccoli
chocolate chips 

STAGE FOUR sample diet: (I am not here yet but hope to be shortly)
egg white omelet with red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, 1/2 cup corn flakes (or) oatmeal with mixed berries

protein shake with water or milk depending on workout

grilled chicken salad, no cheese, balsamic vin for dressing, carrots and dip, nuts, real coke

lara bar

lean meat or fish, carb and lots of veggies

piece of fruit, string cheese

Treats will always be real ice cream or cookies, nothing low fat. Still staying away from diet soda yet trying to wean off the real coke daily. Will still enjoy tacos, burgers and fries all in moderation. 

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