zone bar 
corn tortilla, chicken breast, slice of cheese, coke
couple m&m's
protein shake with water
gf cookies/cake
wine/steak/shrimp app/potatoes/creamed spinach

honey comb with milk (lots)
lara bar
grilled chicken, placed on top of side salad with ranch, couple fries
1/2 protein shake, couple chocolate chips, gf pretzels
tomato salad with balsamic vinegarette, scallops with greens, hot fudge sundae (split)


gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup 
2.5 mile outdoor solo run, abs, stretch
1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 c skim milk, strawberries, blueberries 
carrots and ranch (premade package) 
chicken, 1/2 slice cheese, couple gf pretzels, strawberry/blueberries, coke 
chicken, 1/2 slice cheese, couple gf pretzels, peas, coke

(Went to a pool party and normally would eat a hot dog and chips because I wanted to. But last night, I didn't want it. I really just wanted to eat my chicken at home. I absolutely will eat hot dogs, chips and McDonalds but I like to do it on my terms, when I really want it, not when a social event dictates.)


I'm there-
***full body trainer workout****
gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup, little banana
lara bar, apple
chicken salad (with little mayo and little dressing), grapes, coke
carrots and dip pack (70 cals), couple gf pretzels
***walk with kids, dad was out for the night so....
McDonalds....just the grilled chicken off the ranch salad (no dressing or cheese or bacon, just the chicken), yogurt parfait, water

I'm there. I tried to be there by telling myself I was a while ago. But I wasn't. You can't tell yourself to go to Mcdonalds and eat grilled chicken and water. You have to mentally be there in the progression. I am there.

(not to say later this week I won't get my cheeseburger and small fries if I want, but again, I chose this today)

Weight: 123.7
*tm workout
5 min warm up
1 min@6.0mph
1 min@6.5mph
1 min@6.5mph @ 8% incline
1 min@6.5mph
1 min@7.0mph
1 min@7.0mph @ 8% incline
dead bug on bosu, leg raises on incline bench

gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
lara bar

homemade chicken salad with feta, mayo, mushrooms, 1 serving (10-15? gf crackers, coke, couple bites of melon
protein shake with water
2 corn tortillas, turkey, 1 slice cheese, little scoop gf mac and cheese, 2 squares dark chocolate, bites of melon


gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
gf warm, fresh out of the oven cookies (4 small ones), coke
cheeseburger (no bun), small fries, small coke
crunchy chicken, coke

*3 min warm up
1 min @ 6.5 mph
1 min @ 7.0 mph
1 min @ 7.0 mph 8% incline
RC exercises***
gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
lara bar
corn tortilla, 2 slices deli turkey, 1 slice provolone cheese, gf pretzel chocolate chips, coke
also had a couple bites of kid's hot dog. I NEVER eat off of their plates but hot dogs are yummy!
grilled chicken salad, hm dressing and did have the mozz cheese, 2 woodpecker ciders

(skipped the fries and ice cream that is a 'tradition' when we meet our friends out with the kids for pizza and ice cream)

gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
1 corn tortilla, 1 slice provolone cheese, 2 slices deli turkey, gf pretzels, couple chips, coke
shrimp dip/chips, glass of wine, cheese, nuts, salami, steak, potatoes, coke, little bit of vanilla ice cream (my mom cooked, wasn't gonna pass up an opportunity to sit, relax and eat while kids were entertained)


protein shake with water
**full body trainer workout***
egg whites, mushrooms, red onions, feta, turkey sausage, blueberries/strawberry
lara bar and 'small' coke from movie!
gf pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup
**walk with kids***
chicken (with mayo) salad, couple fries, son's green beans (was supposed to be a grilled chicken salad but hubby ordered incorrectly before we got there. ate more than I cared to again. With baby girl sitting in a highchair and eating table food, I am finding myself with more time but still in the mentality that I must eat when I can. Should probably start looking at portion sizes again since time is not such a precious commodity anymore)