Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing Shoes

What a wonderful, perfect weekend. With a perfect weekend, comes a wonderful, perfect way to start the week. Such a contrast to last weekend and last week. This weekend we relaxed, had no where to be and nothing to do.

I know people have their thoughts about scheduling children. A lot of people think children are made to fit into the schedule the parents put them on. It is in fact quite the opposite. I am a slave to my children's schedule and I like it that way. I was able to let my children follow the nap times, feeding times and playtimes that works best for them. This in turn makes for very happy babies that eat and sleep well and are nothing but a joy to be around.

We were still able to go to the gym, walks, the pool and tons of outside time, but all around when it was the best times for them. Since we had such a nice relaxing weekend, I woke this morning with a renewed energy and focus on my weight loss goals. Last week was all about surviving and not gaining weight. This week is all about getting back to that focus of the last 20 lbs.

Yes, still 20 lbs. Despite my being 4 lbs away from my 135 lb goal, I decided to jump the gun on one of my rewards. Since Canyon Ranch is still a long ways away until baby girl sleeps through the night without a doubt, I put my focus on the shoes. The unbelievably indulgent, ridiculous and impractical shoes. I do laundry every day so I can wear the same sports bra and workout pants daily. I don't want to spend $30 on a new sports bra.

Yet, I will spend money on a pair of heels that I will probably wear once a month. Call me crazy. But I bought them. I bought them early because we had a wedding and it was the last of the social events for the summer that I knew I would wear them. A point my husband suggested I really didn't need them in the first place. But he is learning sometimes it's not about being sensible.

I put the shoes on (with the same green dress I always wear) and it was like Dorthy and the Ruby Slippers. I clicked my heels and all of a sudden my hair was not in a pony tail. My workout pants were gone and the circles under my eyes disappeared. (Okay, maybe not, there is not enough concealer in the world for that to happen). For a night, I was not mommy with spit up on me. I was the woman my husband married. The one who can complete a sentence. The one that cared if she had something in her teeth. The one that smiled. Remember her?

The shoes were worth it.

So after a wonderful weekend I woke this morning at 4 am with baby. After feeding and putting her back down I went to the gym. By the time I came home, showered, got both kids dressed and fed, made the beds and picked up the's 8am. What a wonderful way to start a week.

AM: TM speed workout
1 minute intervals x3 with increasing intensity x 7 @ 6.0/6.5/7.0 mph

PM: run around park with double stroller (felt so good today went again for some fresh air!). Took my time, threw rocks and raced the little man.

Ab workout:
dead bug on round side of bosu
rope climb on round side of bosu
push ups on flat side of bosu
knee jabs on flat side of bosu
roll outs with ab wheel (only 10)
lower ab raises (only 10)

Still not a crunch.

I have a break with my meals since I did not reorder in time so breakfast today was:

Egg whites with cheese/turkey sausage (bites of hash brown casserole from last night)
Plan: zone bar
chicken salad/coke
zone bar
turkey breast/veggies/potato

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