Sunday, June 27, 2010

Running on Full

It took me until my 6th marathon to consider myself a runner. It was my favorite race, The Marine Corps Marathon in DC, and I ran it in 3:47 (PR). I felt good the entire way and I had a great time running the race. I then felt I deserved to be called a runner.

That was the weekend I got pregnant with my first child. I really don't know that I have considered myself a runner again since then.

I love races. I love the thought of my children cheering me on. I love the sense of accomplishment after a race. That is why I ran my favorite half marathon, The Atlanta Thanksgiving Day 1/2 Marathon, 4 months after my son was born.

That is why I signed up to run The Peachtree Road Race 10K on July 4th (in 7 days!). And that is why I had to go out and run today to see if I could even run for more than 3 miles, something I had not done since my daughter was born.

I have received numerous kind and generous compliments this week. To each I replied "thank you, I have been working very very hard". I leave it at that but the meaning behind my response is probably not what people are thinking. I wonder if people assume I am working out hours a day and starving myself eating only chicken and vegetables.

When I reply I am working very hard, it means I am making the most of my workouts in what limited time there is, working really hard to not skip breakfast, and fitting in my workouts no matter what the day brings. Here's a recap...

Sat: Full body fast twitch class (left early to go see the Gecko exhibit at the museum)
Mon: 18 mins TM run (had to leave early to take son to camp)
Tues: 2.5 mile run with jog stroller at 11 am, 85 degrees (didn't want to leave baby girl in nursery after already signing up for class)
Wed: 20 min TM run (after going to the grocery store, had to leave to take son to camp)
Thurs: 2.5 mile run with jog stroller at 11 am, 85 degrees (still didn't want to leave baby in nursery)
Fri: 20 min TM run after hubby got home from work (kept son home from camp, was sick)
Sat: Full body fast twitch class (left early to meet family at the pediatrician for sick son)

There was no weight training during the week because I couldn't make it to the gym without my kids for longer than 20 mins, they or someone else was sick in the nursery. Every night my back was killing me because I didn't even have 5 mins extra to do my abs or a stretch.

But that's not the point. The point is not to complain about how little time I had, the point is to say that "thanks, I have been working very hard" by fitting in what I could and making the most out of my workouts. By showing you can workout even when your kids are attached at the hip.

Here's a picture to prove it. Me and all my glory (a front shot of those birthin' hips) after a run around the park. 85 degree Atlanta humidity weather. Think it's time for me to trade in my black yoga pants (that are pulled up because I was dripping wet)?

This morning I finally got to go for a run without time constraints or children in tow. For the first time all week both kids slept through the night (one was sick, one decided she was ready for some rice cereal). I got to run at a decent hour (8 am) and it was a beautiful morning.

5 miles. I ran 5 miles. It was slow, steady, hot and hard. But I felt strong and encouraged that I may be able to run/walk this race.

So maybe I am a runner again. Maybe I am returning to that person I once was. Maybe it's time I bought myself some shorts....

Product Update:
Withings Scale: I'm not a fan of gadgets. I don't even wear a watch when I run. I think the more technology you are worried about the less you are worried about what your body is doing. I got this scale because I thought it would be cool to keep track via graphs and updates that would be visible on the blog. If you look at the stat page you will see this:
But then they also have a website you log onto and you can see it in graph form:

It's actually pretty cool. It is showing after the initial drastic weight loss, I am doing exactly what they say you should, 1-2 lbs/week. I am comfortable with that progress considering if I lost it much faster I would probably gain it back even faster than that. I needed a new scale, and I am pretty pleased with this one.

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