Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Weights

Before I begin about my new adventure I must rewrite a thought. A friend just emailed me telling me about how she did what I did while in Charleston. Got dressed up, felt amazing, then looked at the picture and thought "wow, not the image I had in my head".

I would much rather feel great, sexy and confident at any size than to hate my body, even at it's skinniest. So we both laughed about our pictures telling us the real story. But neither of us belittled ourselves, demeaned ourselves or had negative thoughts b/c of it. We both just enjoyed that we felt great even if we were not the image we had in our mind.

I entered the weight room today. It felt great. Right now my focus is on low weight, high rep, full body, compound movements (usually machines). There are a couple reasons I start like this.

1) My muscles are not strong enough to handle heavy weight. If I went straight to heavy, all the force would be taken upon my joints and increase the possibility of injury. My body has to relearn how to move and lift.

2) I do not have to think about a program. What day is arm/leg/body part day. The program is the same. The goal is to get it in 2-3 times/week. I never know what days I will actually make it into the weight room. I have to target every muscle each time and make it simple to remember.

3) It keeps me moving. I cannot sit there and take rest breaks that heavier lifting requires. I have 30-45 mins max (if that). Every minute needs to be accounted for.

I think that this program is a wonderful program for anyone. The ultimate goal is to progress to heavy weights, but for someone who needs to maintain a moderate level of fitness just for say, heart health, then this is adequate for a lifetime program as well. I am using it to build a foundation.

Here is the outline:

-you alternate between the two exercises
Lower body double leg 3x30 (squats, leg press, hack squat)
Upper body back 3x20 (row, lat pull)

Lower body single leg 3x30 (step ups, single leg squat, single leg press)
Upper body chest 3x20 (push ups, chest press)

Combo movement 3x30 (walking lunges with overhead press, squat with row)

Gotta be honest, I didn't finish all reps. But I was in there, and my back feels better already! Cannot wait to feel sore tomorrow. And yes, I will feel sore after not lifting a weight for 12 months!

Tonight, I hope to get to my walk or run around the park.

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  1. Great job. Every little bit helps! I can't wait to get back to workingf out hard!