Thursday, May 13, 2010


4 Weeks
7 Weeks

Since I can't figure out how to change over my pages, post pictures or make the layout of this post a little more user friendly, here are some pictures. Full disclosure: In the 7 week picture I am wearing a Yummy Tummy tank top-love these!! For the first month I used a belly bandit then transitioned over to Yummy Tummies. I highly recommend to give a smoother appearance. (but may want to stay away from the nursing one, you can see the circle outline of the opening for the bra under your shirts).

WEIGHT: 143! (it actually teetered to 142 but I didn't get off fast enough before it settled on 143)
Weight lost so far: 43 lbs!

AM (before kids woke up): 20 min run @ 6.0-6.5 mph
Leg press 3x30 50 lbs
Lat pull 3x20 45 lbs

Single leg press 3x30 30 lbs
Push ups 3x10

Walking lunges with over head press 5#
Plank with alternating knees on bosu, ab roller, overhead weight with mini crunch (notice, still no real crunches!!)

Had a fabulous workout because I took a complete rest day yesterday despite my internal dialogue wanting to do something.

PM (after baby went to sleep): 3 mile run

Baby is becoming slightly more predictable. Most days I am waking at 4:30 am. To some this may still sound horrible but this is perfect for me. I love love love that I am waking early again. I feed her, get her back down then get dressed and head to the gym. I love to get my work outs out of the way when you never know what your day will hold.

Because she is becoming more predictable, I am starting to have energy to notice my diet. I looked into my grocery cart the other day and was disappointed in the hot dogs, chips and coke that were present. I still bought them, and in fact ate that exact meal for lunch today, but at least I noticed how unhealthy it was.

I got my glycolic peel!! It is supposed to even out my skin and lighten some of the brown spots from sun and pregnancy. It was only slightly irritating for a short period of time. My skin is very tight and dry like I got a sunburn. It does look like I got a little color, just enough to make you feel alive and even out the skin. The peeling should start tomorrow but so far I am really liking the results! I would've taken a picture, but sadly even that is too much effort and time right now. I go for another in 3 weeks.

Next post, diet. Not an easy topic. There are so many facets and layers to what women deal with when it comes to eating. But it's time to address them. Until then, I am off to eat my hot dog with kraft cheese slices.


  1. Your progress pics are great!!! Do you think the belly bandit helped you?? I was thinking after baby is born I would invest in one. Recommendations??

  2. GREAT progress Keely!! OMG I STILL love my Yummy Tummie tanks. Since my little pooch is never going away, they are my saviour with anything fitted.
    And darnit I want a peel!!!

  3. I would recommend the Belly Bandit. It's bulky and hard to get tight enough, and for short people it comes up way high but...I loved the support it gave me. Right after a baby you have no control of your abs. And lifting the baby and walking is very difficult. I loved the support it gave my back before I could activate my abs again.
    Did it make my tummy go down any faster? Who knows. But as far as support, I recommend any type of brace.

    And the peel...I am loving it! It's not drastic results and my face is still peeling but overall I like the sunkissed, even look it's given me!