Thursday, May 27, 2010


12 weeks PP
Weight: 139 lbs
Weight lost: 47 lbs
Goal obtained: begin fast twitch classes

I could not have hit my goal at a better time. Hitting 12 weeks I am tired, hungry and bored. I am tired of being tired, hungry and bored. The excitement of being able to walk up stairs has worn off a little. Running is getting mundane. I am dying for real meals made of real food on a regular basis.

I now have to find a way to change things up to get back to that place of appreciation that I had felt not long ago.

Hitting a goal. That is exciting! This goal is a way to take my motivation to an entire new level. I am not a fan of exercise classes and the thought of doing walking lunges around a park in bootcamp makes me cringe. Fast Twitch class is the only class I have ever taken in 10 years and 10 gyms that I have loved, seen results and kept going 3 days a week for a year. Not only did I lose the 70 lbs from my first pregnancy by incorporating this class but I got my favorite body ever out of it.

I took off entirely during the pregnancy and needed to build up some stamina before taking it after. This is a music pumping, circuit weight lifting class. I only take it because every exercise insures good form, they don't make you do anything crazy and unsafe (such is the trend these days) and the members take this class so seriously and sweat so much it is more than motivating!

I began taking it on Saturday. The music started and immediately I knew I was home. My adrenaline pumped and even the fact that I was the only female in a ratty old tshirt (or a tshirt at all, in fact) could not sway me from feeling strong and powerful.

The goal to this class (or any) is consistency. Remember that word? No matter how tired I always made it to that class. No matter what happened I always made it to that class. I missed it so much during my pregnancy. Starting up again has already motivated me to find my groove and appreciate the art of the sweat again.

Change it up. My trips to the gym and my 30 min run on the treadmill are becoming more infrequent. I am finding excuses of why I can't make it. There is so much dread with the thought of staying on that spinning piece of rubber that I had to change it up.

I revisited an old workout that I used as my cardio when I worked out with a trainer.
5 min warm up
1 min moderate intensity
1 min hard intensity
1 min full out sprint
repeat 7 times.

Mentally, the breakdown of 7 x 3 min clusters of running is just easy. All numbers you can keep track of and count down in your head. The watching of the clock for that minute and thinking "I can do anything for a minute" keeps your mind off the fact that you are not going anywhere. Not to mention, it's speed work, it gets you sweating and the levels continually adjust as your endurance increases. And I'm still out of there in 30 mins. Perfect!

Food: I am so excited my food comes tomorrow. Remember, this is a weight loss tool by default. I am using it so that I don't skip meals, not to just have someone else do the legwork of portion control and calorie counting for me. I have to learn how to do that myself again. But until I have the chance to sit down and eat breakfast and lunch that my husband does, I have decided 12 weeks is long enough to go hungry. And as a bonus it will help our marriage. It will end the resentment I have that my husband gets to sit down and eat those two meals!

Taking care of myself: Although I have ventured out of my black yoga pants only about 5 times, I am taking steps towards the end result. Hair cuts, hair color, seeing a dermatologist to get things removed, peeled and scrubbed, waxing, latisse-they are all setting me up so when I do get dressed again and go out, I will feel and look my best.

Next up: the teeth. This is random but since I have had kids I do not receive compliments on my white smile anymore. Not sure if it's because I don't in fact smile anymore, or because my teeth have dulled. My dentist must have spoken to my husband before our last visit because he talked me out of my much desired veneers. (at $1300 a tooth, I think that was a good call). But he did mention he could do some cosmetic shaving to even out my teeth that would leave them looking more white (the bottoms of my teeth are slightly transparent making them look darker). Considering it saves me $1300/tooth, I'm in!

Steak dinner: Food should never be a reward to weight loss. But tonight it is. A big steak dinner with dessert and lots of wine. Or is it wine and lots of dessert? Either way, all this hard work has got to be enjoyed with more than just more working out. You can definitely do a steak dinner without blowing your hard work. Tonight, however, I will not be doing it that way. I will be adding everything I can, eating everything I can and drinking as much as I can. It's been 10 weeks since I have sat down to a real meal without kids and I figure that ain't hurtin' anything.


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  1. Great job! You sound like you are definately motivated!!