Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time for a Change

(first off...yeah!! 3 followers! cool! )

Weight: will not be taken after a night of a margarita and a taco (and admittedly some cheese dip)
25 min run @6.0-6.5 mph
mini crunches, rope climb, dead bug, push ups 2x5 on bosu, plank on bosu

It's time. It's time to change it up. Stage one of 20-30 mins of cardio daily is complete.

How do I know it's complete and it's time for a change?

1) I am struggling, really struggling through every workout. Even though I am getting more rest.

2) I am up to 30 mins running either on the TM or outside. That is long enough in duration that now I should begin to take rest days.

3) My body is screaming. Muscles are sore, bones ache, knees crunch. I feel like one big rubber band ball wound so tight. It is time I begin weights to support the daily activity of life and my cardio.

4) It's been 8 weeks. If I would weigh myself I would probably find that weight loss has hit a plateau. But again, I am not weighing myself, I know better!


*Continue daily walks with kids (good for everyone).
*Begin full body, high rep, low weight, compound movement weight program 3x/week.
*Slowly add time to cardio to reach 45-60 mins/day 3x/week.
*Incorporate complete rest days at least 1. Maybe 2.

*Begin replacing some meals with grilled chicken salads. Still enjoy the cheese and dressing but in moderation. (baby steps people).
*Start paying attention to foods before and after workouts. I have begun to notice that my workouts are suffering if I forget to eat before them. Yes, it's possible. When your main focus in life is to make sure two little mouths are fed before you, you sometimes end up in the gym parking lot without putting something in your belly.

That is plenty for right now.

For anyone that really knows about how to be the most effective and efficient with weight loss-don't forget, this is my progression. I am just getting off my recliner and putting away the Klondike bars. I am not going to go straight to heavy lifting, HIIT and chicken and broccoli. I don't believe that leads anyone to long lasting results. I am going to incorporate all of those things as it's appropriate and as my mind is ready for them.

Right now. It's just ready for a little grilled chicken salad with some honey mustard dressing (and the cheese of course).

After a particularly tough week, mentally and physically. A girlfriend just wrote this at the end of an email:

Enjoy the good days and pray the bad end quickly.

How is it that my girls always know just what to say?


  1. Looks like a great plan! I agree that baby steps are the way to go. Great job so far!

  2. I had no idea you started a blog Keely! I'm excited to see all the ways you progress. You are already doing so great. I love how you are gradually increasing the workouts. That is the best way to always have ways to make things more intense and not get stuck at plateaus with no way out.

    I also love your way of rewarding yourself with different weight loss goals.