Friday, May 7, 2010

Ridin' High

Question: What do you do when you are running and your size large maternity grey sweat shorts are riding high between your thighs b/c they are still so meaty? Do you: a) do a waddle every couple steps to release them or b) let them ride and show all of Atlanta your glorious upper thighs?

3 miles later and I never figured out the answer.

Though distracting, it didn't matter because I got to run outside tonight. The weights I have been doing (all 2 times) have woken up my muscles and I felt stronger already during my run. I am not claiming to be stronger. I am claiming that my muscles are remembering how to work and are starting to support me. It felt pretty good. Not great, but definitely better.

Weight: 144!
Pounds lost so far: 42 lbs
Leg press: 3x30, 70lbs
Row: 3x20, 20lbs

Side lunges with glide disks: 3x10 each leg
Push ups on bosu: 3x5

Walking lunges with overhead press: 3x30 with 5 lbs
Abs: plank on bosu, sit backs, knee grabs. (notice I have yet to do a crunch).

Diet: honestly, if I could remember at the end of the day I would post's still a second thought. But getting better. I actually made dinner and ate some vegetables last night!

3 mile run


  1. Running outside is so much more enjoyable than on the "dread"mill! Yay for the continued weight loss!

  2. You are doing awesome!!!I am loving your blog and loving your motivation!!