Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to "Normal"

Whatever that means anymore. This weekend was about feeling somewhat normal again. First, the very next night after my rant we went back to our original plan with baby girl and she went to bed like a dream. She slept all night and a big sigh was heard all around this household.

Thank goodness, because we had such a huge day. The second thing that made me feel 'normal' was the running of the Peachtree Road Race 10K. I have run this race every year that I haven't been pregnant for the past 10 years. Have I ever run it on 2 hours sleep? No. Have I ever run it with a Poise Pad falling down my shorts? No. Have I ever run it talking the entire time because I was so excited to be able to talk to a friend for one hour uninterrupted, something I hadn't done in weeks? No.

I also have never run it with my entire family waiting for me at the finish and my son helping me cross the finish line. And that made all the differences worth it. And it made it the most special race I have ever run.

Running this race made me feel somewhat normal. It was hard, hot and exhausting. I still haven't recovered. I'm not sure if it's the race's fault or because ever since Friday I have not been able to get around that brick wall I hit. Either way, I realized that the energy it takes to do what used to be a normal occurrence (running 6 miles) is now a feat of mammoth proportions.

Other than the race, I took the entire weekend off. Mentally, this was hard because time is precious when my husband is home and to give up 3 days where I could go to the gym and not have to rush was maddening. But I don't believe in taking breaks when it's convenient, for instance when we go away on vacation next week. I believe in taking breaks when your mind and body tell you. My body told me to stop exercising, eat cheeseburgers and homemade ice cream without a second thought and to put away the laundry for another day.

Too bad someone didn't tell the kids.....

All that 'time off' taught me one thing. You feel like crap when you don't do crap and you eat like crap and you treat your body like crap. I felt so sick and bloated and miserable by the end of Monday night.

This morning, despite the continued fatigue (and a baby that needed her paci all night for some reason...) we got back into our routine. I ate full breakfast, went to my fast twitch class and played at the park with the kids. While still tired, at least my body feels better for it.

It's also energizing thinking about the next stage. It's time for a trainer. Tomorrow morning I am going to meet with a trainer I worked briefly with in the past. I like him because he makes his clients (even the females) lift heavy and work hard. He is not chatty, he is not there to count reps, he is not there to be a friend. He makes you work hard and his clients have the bodies to prove it.

I am terrified.....

But excited. Here is the stage where I take it to the next level. Up until now, most people can lose a lot of weight and improve their lifestyles considerably just by doing what I have done. They could stop at this stage and still add years of health and well being to their lives.

But that's not the purpose of this blog. I am here to take it all the way, to live my best life and to feel the best I have ever felt. I am here to rock a bathing suit and be able to put on clothes any day and have them fit without a second thought. I am here so I live a life that is a great example for my children but still fun and relaxing.

Stage 4 (or whatever stage we are on)

Tues/Thurs/Sat: Fast twitch classes
21 minutes of speed intervals on TM
Walks outside with kids in double jogger

Mon/Wed: Full body, compound movements, heavy lifting

Fine tuning.
More grilled chicken, veggies and carbs.
Stick to meal delivery system when available
Plan treats (such as family outings)
Begin adding 1-2 pieces of fruit/day

This plan makes me feel normal. Whatever that means anymore....


  1. Wow, just wow is all I can say. Awsome job on doing the race especially on a 2 hour sleep!!! HOw long did you train for for it? Did you run the entire time or you walked as well? You are such an inspiration!!!!

  2. Hello Elana! Thanks! No training schedule- I started running way sooner with this pregnancy than the last (last time I couldn't walk for 8 weeks). This time I had been running 20 mins on the treadmill since week 3 or 4. Then I would push the double jog stroller on a very hilly 2.5 mile run or walk most afternoons. I only ran 5 miles once the week before the race but running with the jogger is great preparation.

    I was able to run the entire distance without walking but it was a struggle. I ran a 1/2 marathon when my first child was 4 months old. My thoughts on these races is "just run at least 3 steps, then you can walk the rest of the way if you need, just getting out here is worth it".

    And thanks for the inspiration comment. The fact that I got out there after 2 hours of sleep was simple- if I waited for the perfect amount of sleep, food, training, both kids to sleep all night, and a hassle-free day, I would never ever workout. Because those days are far and few between. So I must show that these things are possible even with all we do as parents-we don't have to win the race but it's worth it to get out there!

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  4. hi keely - i had a baby almost 4 months ago, am also 5'2, 118 is my goal weight post-baby, and i live Charleston but grew up in GA. So, i follow your blog because we have a lot of things in common. i'm also following it because i'm having a VERY hard time working out consistently since i had my son, and especially since i started back to work. i appreciate your "one step at a time, slow and steady, something is better than nothing approach", and i'm hoping i'll be motivated if i keep reading. question for you - are you breastfeeding exclusively? i am, and i'm worried about my supply diminishing...i would appreciate any advice!

  5. Hello!! Wow, we really do have similar stories.Gotta love the internet where we can find people just like us even miles away!

    I like the way you summed up my approach, that is exactly what it is. And I hope it comes across as "no pressure to lose weight, but you'll feel better if you take some time for yourself". That is the ultimate message. 95% of the time that means I only get 20 minutes per day to myself or I work out with the kids, and usually no shower until hours later right before bed. If you do something everyday, you will meet your weight loss goal without realizing it. And if you are working, I know that the time spent with your kids is special, when I take the kids for a run, we stop in the middle, throw rocks in a creek, and I let my son run with me and play in the dirt. I think that's a good compromise. 20 mins/day. Even with work there should be 20 mins you can give yourself a day.

    As far as breastfeeding, that is tough. What I did in the beginning was just eat smaller amounts of the fatty, high calorie foods I ate during pregnancy and work out only 20 mins/day. That really shouldn't have an effect but I am a big believer in you pay attention to your body and do what it needs to provide for your child. You can extreme diet and exercise later (although you shouldn't really need to be extreme at all).

    I stopped breastfeeding at 7 weeks this time (4 months with my first son). With this being my second child, I found it extremely difficult for me to spend time with my first child (I had already missed so much by being so lazy during my pregnancy), pump and feed. I made what some would call a selfish decision, but I stopped because I was making myself crazy, missing meals and losing my patience with the one more task at hand. But...I am still eating plenty of calories to support breastfeeding if I were still doing it. I am not to that stage yet....!

    Welcome, I hope I answered your questions, please let me know if I didn't and I hope to continue showing moms that it can be done, without stress and deprivation and guilt!