Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to Reality

10 Followers!! Whoooohooo!!

When you have a significant amount of weight to lose it can be daunting to think about moving the scale in the opposite direction. Once you decide to commit to a lifestyle change, I always suggest one easy step before making the big move-

Don't worry about losing, just don't gain one more pound.

I looked at my vacation this way as well. I didn't focus on losing, it was vacation. But I didn't want to gain any weight. So...runs every morning, shared dinners and desserts every night.

Of course I was still nervous to step on the scale. But I promised...

It's even better when you step on the scale and lose weight. I am still enjoying the memories of shaved ice, pineapple cheesecake and gelato.
But I enjoy that weight even more.

A fabulous find:
It's only fabulous because I pushed out two 8 1/2 pound babies....but Poise Pads with Wings! Probably TMI but I just discovered these. This is huge-if you enjoy running, plyometrics or sneezing but have had kids, you probably will relate.

During my race I had to stop (in front of thousands, it's a 50,000 person race) and remove my poise pad to throw in a trash can because once it fills up like a diaper it falls down my pants or shorts.

Enter wings and yippee!! My runs in 90 degree, 98% humidity FL weather and it made it a little more bearable!

It's the little things.....


  1. What an awesome job! So true you can enjoy vacation and not have it leave you huge. Heck, I ate whatever and just tried to stay active on my recent 10 day vacation and lost weight. Even while pregnant. Our bodies are smart if we respect them. Good job!

    And the Poise pad talk has me laughing. I will need to stock up on those again for after the kiddo.

  2. oh boy the poise talk just made me laugh!!! And I'd be a follower if I knew how...I am a blogging idiot.
    So you can consider me your 11th stealth follower. LOL

  3. I'm glad to know you are my invisible follower-that tip on the Latisse was great!

    And congratulations Tina!! I love following along and am so excited for you!

  4. Too funny! I had a bad experience peeing myself while running a 5k a few months ago. Ah, motherhood! LOL