Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

For the first time I am writing this while drinking a glass of wine. At 2:30 in the afternoon. I received a lovely massage yesterday for the first time in, could it be?, a year? This morning, for the first time, I stretched. I put on a bathing suit today (a one piece, thank you) and felt really good. For the first time in over a year and a half.

For the first time I have felt utterly and completely relaxed.

And yes, I am with my family.

All this after what was one pretty long week that left me speechless and unable to get out of be at 4 in the afternoon on Friday. My first session with my trainer, 2 fast twitch classes, no recovery period after the race (and yes, there was a day when a 6 mile run WAS my recovery period), a baby that didn't sleep, a cancelled girls night after much anticipation and maneuvering, a husband that in turn got his guys night, and many play dates with the kids.

By Friday I didn't speak, leave my bed or eat. For those that know me-all unusual events.

Which is why my husband got scared enough to book a massage for me the second we landed in one of my favorite places on earth. Rosemary Beach, FL. At first it's a little unsettling to go more than 15 minutes without hearing "mommy I need, honey where is and waaaahhhhhh!!".
Slowly, slowly, slowly I got used to the silence.

That is a way to start a vacation. Instead of taking 2-3 days to unwind, then it's time to head home, immediately head to the spa and you are in a different world within minutes. Thanks dear husband!

The next way to start a vacation is with a margarita. Just one. Followed by a morning run. Followed by abs and stretching while listening to Bob Marley under the palm trees. Heaven.

My husband and I like to workout on vacation. We enjoy a good sweat without time constraints. We don't usually see vacations as a time to just get gross and lazy and eat without abandon.

Not that I don't see the usefulness in getting gross, lazy and eating without abandon.

I did that last week remember? I knew my vacation was coming up but my body told me last week was the week. Last week was the time to rest. So now, with my vacation, why shouldn't it be like any other day? They don't have any different foods that I can't get at home. I can always find a gym. What is it about the word 'vacation' that gives people the idea that their health is on vacation as well? I like to keep up with smart choices 80% of the time. Why come home and have to re-lose the 5 lbs you just lost the month before you left home?

Now, I may eat a little more ice cream and drink a little more wine than normal but hey, it is a 'vacation'.

The next stage:
I met with my trainer once before I left. That was a calculated move on my part. He is a no nonsense, take responsibility for your own health, lift heavy, don't waste time, why bother doing this if you are not taking it seriously-kind of guy.

Knowing what I know and doing what I do, please trust that I am not going to work out with anyone that does anything unsafe or stupid. I do not work with trainers that come up with these stupid exercises just for the sake of impressing their clients. I like to lift heavy, stay with the basics and perform them with good form.

And lift heavy I did. I was humbled, I struggled, I sweated (after the first 2 minutes), I wanted to cry. Because I could not believe I was so weak, it was so hard and I was so proud of myself for even trying.

I met with him once before this vacation because I was getting so bored and unmotivated with my program. I needed to take it to the next level and I didn't want to wait. I needed to go on vacation knowing that that hard ass workout would be there when I return. And so I better not gain 5 lbs and make it that much harder when I return!

So, raise up your little plastic cup of wine with me-Cheers to moving to the next stage, Cheers to working out on vacation so a margarita is enjoyed without guilt, Cheers to enjoying my family and husband again! Cheers!

LATISSE: At the last update with Latisse I was about to abort. My lashes were uneven, I had to trim some of them, they were all tangled and weird. Stick with it!! At month 4 they are glorious! For the first time in YEARS, I will leave the house without mascara. They look almost ridiculous with how long and thick they are but I am addicted now. I have only bought 2 bottles ($120 each) and it's been 4 months. So worth it, in my opinion!

I also have a new follower! Follower #8! Welcome, whomever you may be!


  1. Good for you! It is great to hear you listened to your body. That husband is definately a keeper!!

  2. Ha! It was pointed out to me that my sequence of events made me sound like a rockstar-drinking margaritas for breakfast then going for a run. Actually...massage, margarita, a full nights sleep, THEN a run, albeit in the hottest weather I think I have ever experienced!

  3. Latisse. Get your doc to write a prescription for it as opposed to buying it at the office, spa, etc.... My last bottle was partially covered and I paid $45. No kidding!!