Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nothing (Everything) To Prove

Another glass of wine at 3 in the afternoon....

I have said often that I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE. I don't gain 70 lbs during a pregnancy because I think everyone should. I don't lose it because I think I need to be skinny or compete with others. This blog about weight loss, beauty, health and well being is for no one but myself.

or so I thought.

After becoming hyperaware of the misinformation out there about diet pills, liposuction, abdominal "hernias", nutrition and exercise, I realized I HAVE EVERYTHING TO PROVE.

I hope to prove you can lose weight without an all or none approach.

I hope to prove you can lose weight without feeling deprived.

I hope to prove that a stay at home mother can still care for herself and feel pretty and worthy.

I hope to prove that if you do things correctly, the way science and physiology tell us, you don't need liposuction or diet pills.

I hope to prove it's okay if you gain weight while pregnant. It will come off.

That's where I have everything to prove.


A friend just wrote me asking about the race I ran (forgive me but I must make note of this!). Her concern was that she is interested in running a race but afraid of coming in last. To which I replied...


I have come in second to last in a race (only because someone sat down and waited on me so THEY could be last). I have also been 5 minutes shy of qualifying for the Boston Marathon during one of my marathons. I have struggled through races and placed in my age group in others.

I am just as proud of finishing the race as they took up the cones as I was running my fasted marathon.

What do you have to prove? Nothing.

Nothing but you have the courage and the enthusiasm and the will to get out there.

Have you ever refused to go shopping because you were not the size you thought you should be? Because the number on the tag isn't the one you think it should be?

Yes, my final goal is to get a new wardrobe when I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. Yes, I am not buying a lot of in between clothes because I want to spend my money on other things right now (peels, trainers etc). But...I am in the process of losing weight gained for a short period of time, not saying I will wait until I get to my goal weight, and have been trying to get there for years....

You can only go so long in the HOT HUMID south in workout pants and cotton tshirts. A quick girls (me and my baby girl) trip to the outlets and the bags I came home with may look like they were bought for 3 different people.

From one store:
Size 10P shorts, size 6 skirt, size 4 dress. I don't care about the number, I have nothing to prove. I just care that they feel good on. And they do!
Vacation workout:
The hottest run I could ever imagine. No idea about distance but takes me about 40 mins (with or without jogger).
Then abs: dead bug, sidelying hip-ups, plank with leg raises, sidelying hip-ups, double 'crunch', sidelying bendovers, plank with elbow up/down with push up, sidelying bendovers.

Yoga stretches.

So far I have done this everyday. Feels great to go shopping and put on a bathing suit after this workout.

Vacation diet: (typical)
zone bar or prepackaged meal
rice crackers, turkey and cheese roll ups, coke or chicken salad and coke
fruit, nuts, cheese
grilled fish with salsa and mashed potatoes, or cheeseburger, or wine/cheese and crackers
small shared ice cream or snow cone

I am really enjoying my vacation to the fullest. But I hope (ackkk! we'll see) to get on the scale when I get home and be (at least close) the same weight as when I came.

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  1. You are awesome & I'm so glad to have your sanity in my corner!!!!!! Off in a few to jiggle! lol