Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Another Day

.......Maybe I cried because I was so uncoordinated while attempting a clean and press with my trainer. (Yes, I said clean and press. Told you I was not messing around).

But after a day like today I have to realize that I am trying, after a day like today, I am trying.

(5am, plan on going to the gym but husband claims I can go before he goes to work)
6:05 am: eyes pop open, go downstairs to make bottle
6:15 am: baby wakes, feed, giggle with, burp, do laundry, put clothes on
7:15 am: put baby back down
3 seconds later: 3 year old wakes, make bfast, get clothes out, give kisses, eat zone bar
7:45 am: finally head to gym. now only have 20 mins at gym before rushing home so husband can go to work

TM workout: 3 min warm up
1 min 6.5mph @ 0% incline
1 min 6.5 mph @ 9.0% incline
1 min 7.5 mph@ 0% incline

8:15-9 am: organize party supplies for 3 year old bday party this weekend, pick up house, pack up food, bathing suits, pj's, towels, pool toys, goodie bag to keep 3 yr old occupied at MD's office.
9:30 am: feed, clean, change, pack up 2 kids
10:00 am: MD office, shots for one, rash for another
10:30 am: want to stop for fast food to bring to pool, instead, go to sandwich shop, get chicken salad, ham and cheese for 3 year old.
11:00 am: have a fantastic time at the pool with kids: chicken salad, 1/2 coke, couple chips, throw the rest away because it's time to get in the pool!
1:00 pm: get both kids in bed. ahhhh..... am so hungry and tired, walk into kitchen. Walk out after a protein shake with water and bite of apple.
2:00-4:00pm: hold baby girl during her nap since she is having a hard time after shots
4:00pm: feed baby girl, get snack ready for awake 3 year old, play with both, zone bar, 1/2 coke
5:35 pm: husband walks in, I walk out. need to pick up cookie cake but really wanted to get back to gym for 20 more minutes. I can either 1) be late to a hair appt (not an option, I hate being late, even with 2 kids, I try to never be late) 2) not go to gym 3) not pick up cookie cake.
5:38 pm: walk in gym

TM workout #2:
5 mins @ 6.5 mph
5 mins @ 7.0 mph
5 mins @ 7.5 mph
5 mins @ 8.0 mph hit stop button. run out of gym.

5:59 pm: run up to get cookie cake (gym is in the mall!), notice the gf cookie!! I want one! I ask for one. Then the guy is so slow to get my cookie cake, I say forget it. No gf cookie today.

6:15 pm: made it to hair appt right on time, to the minute.
8:00pm: pick up 1/2 sandwich on gf bread from Jason's Deli! Turkey, tom/let/cheddar cheese. pickle, couple chips. stop and pick up balloons.
9:00 pm: set up for Blake's bday tomorrow.
9:45 pm: ahhhhhh shower. finally.

I may not be able to clean and press right now, but I do feel like a superwoman today.

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