Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good: 128 this morning!!!
The Bad: I am so sick with a sinus infection
The Ugly: 11 days until my trip and I just might not make it. Sick, tired and a comedy of errors are making me just about lose it. I'll pull it together no doubt, but 11 days sounds just too far away right now.


  1. The GOOD:great news. Your hardwork is paying off.
    The BAD: I'm sorry you have a sinus infection. No fun!
    The UGLY: I hope this 11 days flies by for you

  2. Wahoo on 128!!!!!!! Suck on being sick. Feel better girl!!!

  3. Thanks Courtney and Heather!! Feeling better thanks to a steroid shot, dose pack and antibiotics. Thank goodness for a walk in clinic open Sundays-momma's best friend. Who can go to the doctor anymore?

    I even made sure my meals were good even while feeling crappy.