Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing then Everything

What a difference a day makes. Friday I tried to get my 20 mins on the TM in. By Friday my body is beat up, tired and has nothing left. Mostly because of the kids and all our activities of the week. I got on the bike for about 20 mins and just spun the wheels. I could tell my body was not up for anything more strenuous than that.

Saturday morning comes and I find myself with a lot of gym time available. The most I have had since I have had the baby! I was not going to let my tired, sore body pass up this opportunity. This time, I just fit in anything and everything I could and told my poor tired body it could rest later.

I am supposed to do a 3rd day of weights since I only have my trainer for 2 days/week. My normal instructor was not there for my fast twitch class so I went to plan B:

Squats with 20 lbs 3x30
Row with 55 lbs 3x20
Plank with alternating knees

Step ups 3x30
Chest Press with 20 lbs 3x20
Dead bug

Walking lunges with overhead press 5lbs
Ab roller, reverse crunch

At this stage, I have moved past this basic, high rep program but it's all I have patience for while lifting on my own.

TM workout:
1 min@6.5 mph
1 min@7.0 mph
1 min@7.0 mph@8% incline
repeat 7 times

Yoga stretches.

I even showered....

99% of the time I get 20 mins. Today, I felt like I had to fit everything in because I had time. I am still in 'what you can, when you can, make it count' mode.

Now the food. With 9 lbs to go the food has to be fined tuned. But with a 5 month old and a 3 year old bday party to attend, I am still eating like I have 40 lbs to lose. Small bites of crappy food.

GF pancakes with turkey sausage
zone bar
boca burger with cheese (no bun)/coke
milk duds (1/3 box), 1/2 apple
risotto, grilled chicken, green beans

I didn't expect to be working with a trainer so soon or to only have 9 lbs left at only 5 months. After my first baby it took me 7 (I think) months to get here. So I find myself trying to juggle the 'newborn-ness' and getting smarter about my workouts and food.

There is no timeline. There is no goal. In fact, I always find myself losing focus when there is the added pressure of a date. However....a little extra motivation....By chance (I swear!) I met the personal shopper at Nordstroms. After speaking to her I got so excited and downright giddy at the thought of real bras, undies that are not the size of my king size sheets, coats, makeup and clothes! This was so motivating to hurry up and get to my goal!

With food like today however....

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  1. I laughed at "I even showered." I can now understand this statement. I find myself saying, "I forgot to eat." I have never done this!