Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Are What You Eat

When I was pregnant I ate Rolos, 3 cokes/day, McDonalds and cheese. It felt horrible. I was lazy, tired, couldn't walk up or down stairs and was miserable. What you put in your body is 90% of how you look and feel. This should be the first thing addressed with trying to lose weight and live a better lifestyle, but for me, it's the last.

Increasing activity is usually so much easier for people. Especially for me. Food has so much emotion and history attached to it, that I slowly progress into different eating habits. If I try and change too drastically (like most people), I will fail.

As you move more....you weigh less.....you feel better...you begin to notice how bad foods make you feel crappy and make you want to move less....you want to feel good again...so you eat better...move more...feel better...

It's a positive cycle that begins with exercise for me. I think I have that down now.

I am noticing small changes in my food choices. Not just "I should eat this" but "I want to eat this". As you feel fit and strong and well rested, you really begin to notice what is going into your body. Really begin the THINK about it. I am not thinking too hard, still not weighing or planning foods, but I think twice about what I fuel my body with.

* Began shopping at Whole Foods. Just going into that store makes me want to eat healthier.

*Began cooking at home more. This week: homemade sloppy joes and chicken enchiladas. Both under 400 calories/serving made from my clean, healthy cookbooks.

* Taking note of organic products. Foods that are eaten on a daily basis, dairy products and fruits and veggies. Buying lean, hormone free meats. I don't think everything needs to be organic but thinking about the foods that we ingest on a regular basis without the pesticides and crap, makes me feel a little better.

* Ordered meal delivery system again for breakfast only. Mornings are busy. I thought I could start with my egg whites and corn flakes but I continue to find myself eating zone bars. No more. I ordered gluten free pancakes with turkey sausage for breakfasts. All the other meals are coming together now that baby girl is becoming more predictable. But I still believe breakfast sets the tone of your day.

Some believe a calorie is a calorie. Well, I guess I do too. But I know that eating 2000 calories of candy and coke all day vs. 2000 calories of veggies and lean meats and potatoes (or whole grains for those that can), you feel different, and yes, you look different.

Eating smaller portions of the same foods I ate during pregnancy helped me get to a smaller version of that person. Beginning to eat cleaner 90% of my day is helping me feel better, stronger and look more fit. The next stage is to balance meals with heart healthy choices, organics, vitamins and minerals, and foods that make you feel great and stay healthy.

Although I have no research to prove it at my fingertips, I get sick a lot less when I am eating well. Currently, I have the beginnings of a sinus infection. When I am run down, burning the candle at both ends, not doing my yoga or eating right, these come about every 6 weeks. There is no calling in sick with my job. When I eat well and am well rested, sinus infections are far and few between. That's worth the extra expense of a $8 salad with walnuts vs. a $2 cheeseburger!

So far today:
26 mins on TM
5 min warm up
1 min @ 6.5
1 min @ 7.0
1 min @ 7.0 @ 8% incline
Repeat 7 times

Breakfast: zone bar (food hasn't come yet!)
Snack: bites of salad with goat cheese, walnuts, artichokes, red peppers and spinach
Lunch: corn tortilla, one slice cheese, turkey, almonds and cashews (not sure if I will ever again count nuts, I hope not to, but never say never.....), coke
Snack: out of protein powder, no snack
Dinner: 1/2 roast beef sandwich on gf bread, no mayo, fruit on side, water, 1/4 cup soft serve

It feels good to be conscience of what I am feeding my family and myself. It feels good to be packing lunches again instead of stopping for fast food. I still will use my fast food trips for emergencies, don't get me wrong. Currently however, I feel too good to even think about a greasy french fry right now.

The better you eat, the better you feel. Make smart choices 90% of your day. Let the transition begin!


  1. First of, thanks for the comment :) I had hoped you'd like what you saw!

    Second, you are right. As much as I "thought" I wanted that cupcake the salad I had for lunch was FAR better! (I hear you on the $8 salad.) That's not to say that I would not have savored every bite of glorious cupcake though! ha!

    Thanks for your guidance, Yoda! My transition is in progress!!

    Feel better!

  2. Yes I did! Because, although I talk about treats a lot, the reality is, you cannot eat them all the time when trying to lose weight. Pick your battles!

    And tonight, change of plans, instead of going back to the gym for 20 mins I listened to my body (getting sick), decided to take son to bookstore and dinner. 1/2 roast beef sandwich on gf bread, one slice cheese, tom/let, no mayo fruit as my side. Grabbed a coke (would've been my second of the day) but walked back and switched it for water. Then was able to eat a couple bites of ice cream with son without guilt!

  3. I totally agree with you! Eating healthier does make all the difference in the world to your body!