Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happiness is.....

....getting your rings resized.

....getting your rings resized and having to explain the 'orange stuff' in them is carrots because you just had a lovely lunch alone with your daughter at the mall.

....basking in the irony of asking the Godiva lady where the bathing suit section is as you wait for her to package your key lime pie and strawberry truffles.

....realizing that you were satisfied after just one of those truffles.

.....finding not one, but two dresses to wear out to a girls night this week. Not buying either one, but knowing they are there and they fit if you so desire.

....finally being able to complete a full round of your cardio. Before today, I was only doing the full incline for the last half of the intervals.
1 min @ 6.5 mph
1 min @ 7.0 mph
1 min @ 7.0 mph @ 8% incline (all rounds!! okay, I stopped at 6 but still!!)

....having two kids that nap at the same time.

...having enough energy (for the first time in 5 months) to not have to nap with them.

....finally committing to a shower at the gym (albeit 15 mins) and having multiple people comment about you being dressed. (specifically "wow, I haven't seen you in real clothes for 2 years!")

...fitting into a size 4 dress (even if it is with spanx)

Happiness IS NOT:

...wearing spanx in Atlanta in August.

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  1. All of those things would make me happy too. What a cute post! And I had to laugh at the last one. That can't be comfortable.