Thursday, August 12, 2010


how's this for attitude....I am losing it. I am about to just blow. For anyone who thinks I am just eating macros and spending time counting calories and spending hours in the gym, f-you. I am a real stay at home mom that got up all night with a baby, just to put her paci in but still...then she woke at 5:30am, then I spend the early morning cleaning up ants in our kitchen, then having to do laundry b/c you can't leave laundry down in our mold infested laundry room, then trying to get a baby back to sleep who wont go back to sleep, then covered in throw up 3 times, then heading to the grocery store at 7 am so I can get babyfood and diapers for the day, forgetting the sausage and having a zone bar and one link of turkey sausage for breakfast, then getting 2 kids (a baby that still hasn't napped) ready to drop kid off at sports camp, picking up the house, drinking my red bull to get my 20 mins in before a waxing appt b/c I am actually going out tonight! then kid won't go to camp, says he's tired and cries, so take everyone home, put everyone in bed, still haven't gone poop and have to cancel my waxing appt and gym will have to wait (as well as 30 other errands), now I am going to be dependent on my husband who likes to walk in at the very last minute if I have somewhere to go, to take a shower or get dressed.

(and this is just another day, I have still lost 57 lbs with this being my life).

I'm gonna try to go to the gym again later. good thing I got more red bull at the grocery store this morning.....


  1. Oh girl. Did you slug whomever might have said that to you? I'm certain that with my sweet temper (genetic) that something interesting would've come out of my mouth.

    Sorry your morning is so stressed & you had to cancel your appt. I actually fell asleep once during a waxing. Who does that? lol

    Much love coming your way.

  2. Thanks, life had gotten pretty good so I guess we were due for a day like this. Baby is still awake and my doorknob of my house just came off in my hand as I am holding a baby trying to get out to my car for the carseat. At this point kindof have to laugh..

    And what comment are you referencing? The one about me not being dressed for 2 years? No!! I was feeling too good and happy and giddy to be was true....

  3. People like that are jealous that they don't get off of their butts and lose the baby weight. You keep doing what you are doing! You are a great mama!