Monday, August 2, 2010


Feeling good, feeling strong, feeling fit. And then.....

Today my trainer had to move me to 12:00. My client cancelled and this left me with a full morning free. Hating to waste free time, I tell my husband I am going to the grocery store then steal 20 mins in the gym! Just my 20 min sweat, me, mindless time. Grocery store with no kids (heaven), shower and hair washed in the morning (never happens), errands (got so much done without kids!), and a visit to my old workplace.

This visit left me feeling very nostalgic for my working days. I love what I do (physical therapist) and never was there a day that I dreaded going into work. Staying at home for the early years is very important to me. I realized today, however, I look forward to the day I head back to the clinic.

Souper Jenny's is open again! This is the place that serves the most amazing piece of gf cake I have ever had. They have been closed for a month and opened again today! I beat the crowd and got my piece of cake, but vowed to not touch it before meeting my trainer.

My trainer. I am trying so hard. Today we switched it up to full body (instead of UB/LB like the last 2 weeks). I didn't want to cry the entire time like usual, but it was still a fabulous workout. I worked out at the same time as one of his long time clients. This mom has a great great body. So thin but fit. Muscular but not 'bulky' as they say. Thin but not skinny fat. I probably had a good 20 lbs on her.

I know my trainer makes all his girls lift heavy but I thought surely since I was in weight loss mode (and it's so unbelievably hard) he had me working extra hard. Plus, these girls are very thin but toned (again, not a word I use but something people can relate to). Let me just say...

She kicked my butt. She lifted heavier, had better form, could do pull ups, and didn't look like she was going to die like I did. I do realize that I had not lifted anything but a pack of Rolos during my pregnancy but wow, was this humbling.

Lesson learned....I know I am on the right track. I know it will take time. I know that I am doing this the right way and not wasting time. And I know if I stick with it I can kick butt like she did today.

I also know I need more pictures. Coming... but do you find time?

I haven't eaten the cake yet. I took a couple bites and it's as good as I remember but who knows if I'll finish it. Definitely a long way from the all or nothing mentality of long ago.

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