Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now I'm Hungry

So Canyon Ranch may have lost their mojo, but there were some things I could count on to revive mine when I was there....

My favorite view as I run on the treadmill for my morning workout.


Egg White Omelet with Feta and Veggies, Bfast Potatoes, Fruit

Mango Mojito and Fish Tostada

My Favorite Yoga Spot

Grass Fed All Beef Hot Dog, Baked Artichoke Fries, Slaw

Short Ribs with Bok Choy and Mashed Sweet White Potato

Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse


  1. All very lovely but where's the pic of the stuffed dates? haha

  2. I should have asked you to please fedex me some devils on horseback and those artichoke fries. I am sitting here drooling just thinking about them!

  3. They never were on the plate long enough for me to take a picture. huh.

  4. I stumbled upon your blog from Heather. Very motivating and just wahat I needed. I am a soon-to-be mommy and this just shows me and gives me more motivation to get in shape afterwards. I have been walking and eating well (with a few treats throughout). I will definetly be following along from now on.

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. Welcome High Heeled Moma! (I love the name!)
    When are you due? Congratulations! Thanks for following along, I look forward to keeping up with you as well!

  6. Thanks - I figured the name suited me well ,lol! I am due in mid-Nov and really excited it is our first.