Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Journey

Developing a healthy lifestyle after a lifetime of bad habits, spinning wheels and misinformation is a journey. No doubt.

I call what I am doing a journey because I am slowly progressing the best life I envisioned. I call this a journey because there will and have been bumps in the road. Very rarely is a journey one straight shot to the goal. I have always believed you have to have the bad days in order to appreciate the good. So when I have a bad workout or day, I just take it for what it is and hope tomorrow will be different.

This morning was a bad 'day', this afternoon was different.

First off, yesterday was a great day. Apparently after my trainer I was feeling so hot and strong and fit I decided to try on bikini's for my trip that is 14 days away! It didn't look great. 129 lbs before baby and after baby look totally different. But...I bought it anyway. Keeping the tags on, I thought if this body image keeps up, I will actually wear it in 14 days.

Took a picture to update the blog. Image, yet again, doesn't match what I see in camera. note to self: must get a new camera.

Then this morning. We all need a bad workout but it's so frustrating when time is so limited and precious. My husband was to be gone at night (makes for a super long day for me) so he let me go to the gym in the morning without time constraints! Such an opportunity! I get there and I am tired, in a bad mood (long momma story), had to get a treadmill in front of the mirror, could not get over the image I saw despite how good I felt the day before.

am TM workout: 11 minutes of walk/ try to run but not really. Then left defeated.
Was not able to eat much all day. Not recommended! But when husband is out, for some reason momma doesn't get to eat. I haven't figured out the equation as to why, but it always happens.

But since husband was out for the evening. I decided to try again and take advantage of the gym nursery for a 20 min babysitter before kiddos and I headed to the pool.

pm TM: 5 min@ each 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0 mph. Felt great and strong. Hopped off and headed to the pool.

You need to realize that a bad workout, attitude and body image can change day to day. But it can also change hour to hour. It's all in how you perceive your life, your reaction to your life, and how much control you take over your life.

This morning, I was at the mercy of my surroundings, angry at something someone else did in their life and feeling sorry for myself. (sorry to be cryptic but it would be a momma rant and not sure that's the direction I want for this blog).

By this afternoon, I realized I am working as hard as I can, moving as fast as I can and am proud of my life as I possibly can.

And that my friends, is the journey. The ups, the downs, the navigating new hurdles in your lifestyle. At the end of the journey I will look back and thank goodness for the good days and bad that got me there.

And maybe...I'll actually post that pic.


  1. I am so ready to start my journey. Although, 6 days postpartum my body can't let that happen quite yet. You are doing great and taking each day and even hour as they come!!

  2. Totally a journey. I know some get annoyed with that term but it is what it is (thanks Mom.) Some perhaps have never had the opportunity to experience the journey so they don't understand. As much as I hate the downs, I truly believe they are necessary to appreciate the ups. And we also learn in those moments too. How would be become better if we didn't have those downs?

    Glad the day turned ended on a good note.