Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Our days are filled with them. The choices we make lead us down a path of success or failure. Not just failure but more poor choices. Like that nutrigrain commercial. Today could've been a very different story...

Choice #1: 5 am just finished feeding baby. A) go back to bed B) go to the gym (I actually chose A originally but baby woke again 5 mins later and made the decision for me. Too late to go back to bed by the time I got her back down)

Choice#2: 8 mins into my run I get a text that both children are awake at 6am. A) run home B) finish 12 minutes without stopping b/c I knew it might be all I get today

Choice#3: 10 am, baby just got to sleep after joining me at a doctors appt. A) Go home, pump, risk waking her, snack on M&M's and coke B) grab a redbull go for my hilly walk and keep baby asleep for another hour.

Choice#4: Halfway through walk. A) Start feeling sorry for myself, tired, wondering if anyone can appreciate how crazy life is right now. B) look down at the perfect little face asleep in the stroller, say my thanks for a healthy family and the strength to walk, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and stop and text my husband "I love you".

And because of that first decision, my day went a lot different than it could've.

20 mins on TM: 5 min walk, 15 min run @6.0 mph with min rest breaks!
Hilly walk with double jogger
While kids ate breakfast: knee grabs (head up), rope climb, dead bug (head down)

Met with the aesthetician today to begin a plan for my reinvention. Or just to look better.
Will start with a glycolic wash at night. As soon as I am done breast feeding I will set up a series of 3 chemical peels to help with the mommy mask. I will take before and after pics! I have started Latisse 4 weeks ago, should be another 4 until I can really see results.

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