Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh My Aching Back

Weight: 151 lbs

My return to a fit, strong body and clean healthy diet happens in stages. Those stages are moving along faster after this pregnancy but I am keeping the same progression. Depending on how much I have to lose the requirements to lose weight vary. Since I have more than 20 lbs to lose-the first stage for me is to just move. Cardio cardio cardio. At a later time these words alone without weight training will make me cringe. But for now. The goal is to get off the recliner!

So I am. Every day I go for my hilly 2.5 mile walk. Without fail. Everyday! It may happen at the same time of day. I cannot plan for it b/c the variables of children, breastfeeding and appointments make life these days unpredictable. I may have just taken a shower and washed my hair. Since I live in my workout clothes, I am always ready to pack up and go if the opportunity presents itself.

If I can get to the gym for 20 mins (yes, I usually walk in and 20 mins later, walk out) then I am attempting to run as well. It's not pretty, it's not smooth, there is a lot of grunting and resting on the sides going on. It's not the floating, sprinting on air that I imagined while I listened to Akon's Sexy *itch while I was pregnant. But it's running.

Now, my aching back is b/c usually the cardio takes up every minute to the minute I have. Problem with doing just cardio after a period of inactivity is that you have no foundation for the muscles and the joints take all the impact or activity. I know better. I know I should be doing my core work, squats, straight leg raises, step ups, modified push ups (on a wall or bench since I do not have the ab strength to support doing them on the floor). Some days those make it in at the end of a workout, and most days they do not. And I am paying for it with a sore back and tight IT band. I know better but like I said, right now if I have 20 mins to spare, with 30+ lbs to lose, getting moving is my first and only priority.

Yesterday's workout/diet:
18 mins on TM. Walk/run @5.7mph. (talked to the front desk guy and lost 2 mins)
Diet right now is a big mess but it's survival food right now. Like exercise, I believe this is a slow progression. Look at this list of crap and watch the transition throughout the months. I promise this is not what I advocate but it gets food in me when right now I can barely breath. The foods usually stay the same but I can eat them at any time throughout the day:

zone bars
IsoPure chocolate protein shake with milk
Chicken and cheese
Chicken salad (the kind with mayo)
1-2x/week McDonalds: small fries, 1 cheeseburger, small coke

If I can get both kids fed, dressed and out the door before the rain hits today-we are off for our walk. If not, off to plan B, C, D and sometimes E......

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