Monday, April 19, 2010

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

Then I look at the pictures the next day.

Really though, we went to a black tie wedding this weekend. Packed up the kids and my parents and a lot of Spanx and headed to Charleston, SC. I made sure I got my walk in before we left Friday morning with both kids in the jogger for some extra weight. On Saturday, despite complete fatigue both physically and mentally from being in the same hotel room with 2 young children, I had a kid free opportunity during their nap time. Not one to waste a moment of time, I headed down to their 'gym'. After a slow start of getting off for many bathroom breaks, to check on the children and to get some water- I actually had a breakthrough. I ran for 20 mins straight on the TM. The bar has been raised. Now that I know I can do it, that is my minimum. Anyone can, at anytime, find 20 mins in their day to sweat. I also did push ups on my knees, planks on my toes 2 x 20 seconds, rope climbs, dead bug and squats.

Of course I felt better after the workout, so I went with my 'maybe' dress. It was a dress that I wore when I was 8 weeks pregnant. (and already huge). Actually putting on makeup and doubling up on the Spanx made me feel like a new woman. I felt so pretty and this was confirmed by my husband many times throughout the night. I even got out on the dance floor in all my glory.

Then I looked at the pictures the next morning. Hmmm... not as svelte as I felt. Still loved that I felt great about myself, but I had to laugh. The image in my head was not at all what I saw in the pictures. When I told my husband this, he just smiled like the wonderful husband he is. And never said a word, like the wonderful husband he is. I want to remember this night. And look back someday and laugh.


  1. I understand what you are saying but you still look beautiful!!!!! Love the blog girl!

  2. Hey, it's Becky/RunGVegas from O2. Can I just tell you, you really look radiant and beautiful! I know you're adjusting, but I just LOVELOVELOVELOVE(did I say LOVE? I meant ADORE!!) your approach to the post-baby adjustment. You're so down to earth. Your little girl will thank you for being such a great inspiration one day!!

  3. Well hello! are you my 3rd follower? Cool!! Thanks for following along. I wish I had kept a journal or blog after the first time (especially considering there were even more issues then and I still did it!). I always want to remember how hard we as mothers (or anyone trying to lose weight) worked.

    It is not easy. It may be a struggle everyday. But we do it. And for the exact reason why you said-b/c I have two children to be an example for. And I realized about 2 years ago that I could tell my children how to act, behave or live life. Or I could show them.