Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Plan

Since I felt good so soon this pregnancy (a far cry from the last time), I am finding my thoughts are getting ahead of me. I am finding myself wondering if I should be tweaking my diet now, I am looking into the weight room with longing, I am trying to fit my favorite circuit class into baby girl's schedule.

But I must hold back. There is a method to the madness that must be taken into consideration with a newborn. This can apply to someone who is just beginning or has a lot of weight to lose, but with a newborn, this is a must.

I must not worry about diet until she is on a routine and sleeping through the night. I cannot plan to make chicken or even think ahead to defrost chicken while I am just trying to get her to eat and sleep. Grabbing food is a second thought. I still believe in never skipping a meal. This seems impossible sometimes so on my counter, in plain sight, is my protein powder. If it's been too long and it looks like I am unable to get some food in me, a quick scoop and chug and it keeps me going until food is an option.

I know what those people in the weight room are thinking. Get off the cardio machines and lift some iron! I know because I think that too. When I am on the other side, I see girls spending hours in the cardio room looking skinny fat or flabby. I want to scream at them- "Get in the weight room - it will change your bodies!" But- I must not worry about weights right now. Somedays 20 mins is the max gym time allowed. When you need to sweat, increase endurance and just enjoy the endorphins, cardio is the quickest way.

Don't plan a class with an 8 week old. At this stage being regular at anything is impossible. I have no idea what the day will bring with baby girl. I am a schedule nazi for my children but until that schedule is developed, I will work around them, not make them work around me and a class I might want to take. More about this Fast Twitch class later.

So, take it slow. Don't rush and try to get to the end result all in one week. The process works. It is a lifestyle change instead of just a quick weight loss fix.

The diet will slowly become healthier as sleep and time get more plentiful.
The weights will be added when there is 45 mins 3x/week to devote.
A trainer or class will be incorporated when a schedule is developed.

Now...the fun plan. Being active, setting a good example for my son, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is reward enough. HOWEVER. It is fun to set some goals. Considering this is what I leave the house looking like right now:

Remember, the goal of this blog is not just to lose weight, but to show that mom's can take care of themselves and live their best lives even after kids! Here are mine:

145 lbs: Begin my glycolic peels at dermatologist
140 lbs: Begin Fast Twitch classes (if baby girls schedule allows it)
135 lbs: Trip to Canyon Ranch!!!
130 lbs: Christian Louboutin nude peeptoe heels. Totally impractical. Totally indulgent and totally visited every time I am walking the malls in my sweats trying to get baby girl to sleep.
120 lbs: New wardrobe with personal shopper's help.

What will yours be? How will you treat yourself by reaching milestones, accomplishing goals and taking care of yourself? How will you take the steps to get out of the sweats and show the world that just because we are moms we don't have to dress like them?


  1. I love this post & so needed to hear it today. I've been cranky & not liking myself too much & unfortunately let that blurt out this morning to my poor hubby. He just smiled, rubbed my back & said honey you are doing everything right. Sigh. He's right so why feel down?

    Anyway, I do NOTHING for me when I hit a success...maybe that needs to change. I mean, I'm not a Mom yet but in-training right?

    And ps...totally jealous of the shoes you'll be rocking. I mean, really jealous.

  2. Absolutely!! It's not what is driving us, it's not what we lose weight or exercise or eat right for-that's the health and well being. But, it gives us something to look forward to. Honestly, I will do those things anyway, but I plan to lose the weight anyway so why not make it a game?

    And the shoes, they will probably be stashed away never to be seen since I wear sneakers everyday. But I will know they are there...

    Notice how no rewards are treats or food or dinners out? Well, last night I had cupcakes. Rough rough day with the baby and well, somedays you just need a cupcake.