Friday, April 9, 2010

A Small Victory

Made it to the gym tonight at 6pm for my 20 mins. After an exhausting day (is there any other kind these days?) and an hour of trying to leave the house, I finally make it. Drank my red bull but still thought maybe I should just sleep in my car in the parking lot instead of walking in. But I did walk in. And glad I did. B/c today I had a small victory. After my 5 min warm up I started my run. Today at 6.0 mph. I was cloudy headed, fatigued and just not wanting to be there. But then...I turned on my new song. SOLO by Iyaz. Maybe the red bull just kicked in, but usually the right song can really kick my mood up a notch. And all of a sudden I felt lighter on my feet. I felt a groove. Up until now I have described my running as feeling like driving on 4 flat tires. My body would not connect and get the motion right but I kept plugging along. Today, it clicked. The music helped me get through the next 15 mins and I only stopped 2-3 times b/c my chest was hurting (rib issues from pregnancy) and I needed to stretch.

I was still not inclined to do more than 20 mins....

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