Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plan B (and sometimes C, D and E)

Weight: 146 lbs!
Workout: 30 min run @ 6.0 mph
Abs at home in playroom with son: dead bug, plank, rope climb

This week I could've found many excuses to skip my workout, besides the obvious. Forgotten headphones that required a drive back home, forgotten second sports bra, rain, family photo shoot scheduled.

All of these could've been a great excuse to not go to the gym.
But I did.

Returned for the headphones, held my boobs for the first 5 mins of the run, went to the gym at 7am instead of going for my walk with kids, and broke a sweat before pictures despite knowing I would not be able to wash my hair.

Make no excuses. Anyone can find an excuse to bail on exercise. We are all busy, we all have our crap, we can all make excuses. But if you commit to only 30 mins a day, you better be pretty damn important if you can't even fit that in.

My action plan to avoid finding excuses:

1) My gym is so convenient. It takes me 5 mins to get there at 5 am. It is in the mall so I can run errands, get lunch and make a quick stop at the gym all while getting the baby out of the car only once. I can turn around and grab my headphones and not lose too much valuable time. I can go for 30 mins like this morning and still be home in time for my husband to go at 8am. It also opens at 5 am during the week and 7 am on weekends. Early hours are a must.

2) Always have a gym with childcare. Have a good jog stroller.

3) Pack a bag. From now on I will have a bag in my car with extra poise pads, headphones, redbull, sports bras, ponytail holders-anything that would stop me from working out if I forgot it. I live in my workout clothes still right now so I won't ever forget my sneakers!

4) Clean hair be damned. This morning I had a photo shoot with the family. My hair was clean from yesterday but rain changed my workout plans. Plan B was to hurry to the gym after getting baby back down and before the others woke up. Remember, I sweat. And sweat I did. All over that clean hair. But who cares? I had a glow for the pictures that only a great workout and a sense of accomplishment can provide.

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