Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Weight: 145!!! (I'm calling the dermatologist!)
Weight Lost To Date: 41 lbs (using the 39 week weight)
3 mile run outside. Plan C.

Once I had gotten to the gym, I realized I had forgotten my pee pee pads and headphones. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have a little more flexibility since I have a nanny from 8am-1pm so I can go to work for 2 hours. Since I didn't practice what I preached yet, and make an emergency bag, I headed back home (another benefit to living so close to a gym) and ran from home.

Running outside is another beast. Without the treadmill to keep my legs moving it's way harder, not that it wasn't hard enough on the treadmill. With the sun shining, my music pumping and head clearing, I pressed on. I never was one to jog in place at the stop lights. I always thought it looked ridiculous. I never was one to be bent over sucking in air for dear life like today either, looks be damned I guess...

There should be t-shirts made. T-shirts that say-

1) "I just lost 40 lbs, I can eat this chocolate and not feel guilty" (as I walk in the mall and eat my daily Lindt Truffles)

2) "I have an 8 week old at home" (as I leave the gym after 20 mins)

3) "It's a miracle I'm even out here" (as I joggle along the streets. Joggle is the word I call it when I am running but it's not the smooth gliding of a pro-it's the driving on 4 flat tires of a beginner)

I wish there were t-shirts.

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