Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Do It

We did make it for our walk successfully before the rain started. And I even walked at a good pace (felt like it anyway) b/c we were in a hurry to get home. I received an offer from my mother to come down and stay with my parents for the night. She even offered to take my 5 week old's night shift feedings!!! My husband has yet to do this so I jumped at this chance.

The day was not as relaxing as it sounds. After the long process and mental exhaustion of packing up the kids and remembering everything from antibiotics to my breast pump, and filling up the SUV to the ceiling, I was actually pretty beat and we hadn't even arrived. Then I took the 2 year old all day. Ate a burger and fries and coke for lunch. Nap time comes. Both kids asleep. Normally it's time for me to rest is a rare opportunity to leave the house while they both sleep. So....I just do it. It may be considered burning the candle at both ends. And this will be a post very soon. But I left. I left and went to the gym. Stopped for a red bull and eye drops and shoveled on the undereye concealer. I went to their local gym and paid for a day pass for $12. And I felt better for it.

after spending 20 mins on the phone speaking to a friend in the lobby (b/c when do I ever get to do that either??).....
20 mins on TM 3 min warm up/ 17 min run/walk. Was able to run for 3-4 mins at a time.
Core: straight leg raises x15 (by the way, I should NOT be running if I cannot even do straight leg raises. But I digress...) knee grabs, mini crunches, rope climb.
Weights: lat pull down 2x 20 with 35 lbs. Hack Squat 2x10 with body weight.

The method to my madness: If I get to the gym, at least do 20 mins on the TM. I can do more if I feel so inclined (I have yet to feel so inclined) but at least 20 mins. Try running without as many breaks or decrease warm up time. 20 mins running is my ultimate goal.

If I then get moments to do core work: Figure out how to activate my deep abdominal muscles again. Right now it feels like my muscles are not reacting no matter how much I will them. No crunches, and until recently I used a belly bandit to help with any rectus diastisis. Slowly increase difficulty but if I feel my neck working to much, go back to previous level. I feel my neck working a lot right now.

As for weights: Just get compound motions in when I can. High reps, lower weight until I know I am not going to injure myself.

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