Monday, April 12, 2010

We Do More Before 6am....

...than most people do all day. I promise this blog will not be a step by step of my day. Really, I don't want to recant it and you don't want to read it. But I must post this one day so I can look back and realize how hard I worked and how much easier life will eventually get. It will get easier right???

Toddler up at 12:45 am. Baby up from 1-2:30, baby up from 5-6 am. 5:30 am: pump with baby in bouncy seat to soothe back to sleep after feeding and burping, 5:45 am: get dressed in dark, 2 sports bras, pads on everything, concealer for huge circles. 6 am: red bull, drive half asleep to gym. Sit in gym parking lot for a little too long.... 6-6:20 am: TM run, 5 min warm up. It's too early to not warm up longer than a couple minutes. 6:21 am: run to car which I parked just a little farther away than I had to so I could get one more minute of 'cool down' time. Cherish the 8 minutes of morning radio. 6:30 am: empty dishwasher, fold clothes, pick up house, get bottles ready, shower, dress and makeup (I actually have to work today so I do have to put on makeup. Still go to work in my workout clothes though). 7:15 am: Everyone up and game on!

And I loved every minute of it.

Also got our walk in, as a family. We realized it's a great (only) way to get a conversation in with my husband.

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