Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's time

I recognize it is still very early but, I have stalled out. I do not have an unrealistic view of weight loss, I do not always agree with The Biggest Loser way to do it, I hate when people claim to have gained or lost lbs overnight. But....when you have so much to lose, and when you go from complete inactivity to so much, the weight usually will come off a little faster. I think this has happened for 2 reasons.
1) My level for activity has increased so quickly
2) I am homebound much more this time. After my first pregnancy I was out in the malls walking constantly all day to get my child to sleep in the stroller. I am unable to do that so I find myself at home a little more, and able to eat a little more frequently. It's not full meals but more snacks, whereas last time there was no snacking at all. order to combat this, I am going to have to change my diet a little quicker than expected. For today, or this week, the goal is to cut down to 1 soda. 1 real coke. I find myself so fatigued that I am reaching for many more than this during the day for a pick me up.

Diet goal for the week: 1 coke/day. No snacks that do not add nutritional value to my daily intake. I will still get my daily dose of chocolate. Let's not talk crazy here.

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