Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exercise is My Drug

First off, the good news...I hit the 140's! 149 lbs but the 4 is there! 37 lbs in 6 weeks. Yeah, most people don't gain 37 lbs their entire pregnancy and I still have 29 lbs to go. Whatever.

Since the timing didn't work out to get the gym this morning, the day started with me yelling at my husband, a coke and just being grumpy. Come 12:00 and here's where those darn choices come in-meet a friend for lunch, rush home to save the nanny b/c she is still getting her feet wet having the two kids at once, or head to they gym for my obligatory 20 mins/day.

Red Bull and off to the gym. It is a struggle. No bone in my body wanted this. The dread came over me. But...I knew if I could just get my 20 mins in I would feel better the rest of the day, that is what I kept telling myself. Exercise (and a red bull) perks me up and allows me to see the world in a different light.

And so proud I did. B/c this was the best run yet. Despite it being time to pump, despite the mommy guilt of really needing to be home, I had the best run to date. 15 mins straight without a 'tying the shoe, sip of water, stretch' break on the side of the TM. When the timer hit 20:00, I hopped off and ran home declaring victory.

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